Can My Cat Eat Raw Chicken, Fish and Other Meat?

People should avoid eating raw meat due to the bacteria and parasites it may contain. Raw meat may make you very sick, but what about cats? Can cats eat raw meat? Is it safe for cats to eat raw food? You might be surprised by the answer!


What Is a Raw Diet for Cats?

A raw diet consists of feeding cats raw animal products that have not been cooked. Muscle meat, organ meat, and bones are all included. A raw diet can be homemade or purchased from a store, with commercially accessible types being subdivided into complete and complementary diets. The "BARF" diet, which stands for "bones and raw food" or "biologically appropriate raw food," is another name for this type of food.


Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Raw chicken for cats is not entirely bad, even if it is not suitable for people. However, you must handle it with caution since domestic cats are not equipped to process meat in the same manner as wild cats. Today's cats don't have the same digestive systems as their wild ancestors, who tore animals apart and ate them raw. Therefore, make sure you purchase your chicken from a trustworthy source, that you clean your utensils, and that your cat's feeding bowl is disinfected on a regular basis. If you want to be extra safe, use chicken that has been frozen as this usually eliminates parasites.


Can Cats Eat Raw Fish?

It's a definite no!  Raw fish is harmful to cats because it contains an enzyme called thiaminase, which destroys thiamine, a B vitamin that your cat needs. If cats are lacking in thiamine, they may have serious health issues. Raw fish is also a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause food poisoning in your cat, just like it can in people. Take, for example, E. coli and salmonella, two dangerous bacteria that may harm both cats and people.


Can Cats Eat Other Meat?

  • Raw Pork

What is the condition of raw pork? Raw pork is not the best feed for your cat from a medical standpoint. Even if you're picky and just eat tenderloin (the leanest pork cut, similar to the chicken breast), raw pork isn't a good idea due to the high risk of bacterial infection.

  • Raw Beef

Although raw beef is less harmful than pork in terms of bacterial contamination, a big serving of raw beef still poses a risk of Salmonella and E.Coli infection.

  • Raw Bacon

Although cats can eat raw bacon since it is non-toxic,  it is unhealthy for them. Bacon is high in salt and fat, so it's better to provide it to your cat as an occasional treat rather than a regular meal. Make sure the bacon is fresh and raw, not cured, and clean any surfaces or cooking utensils that have come into touch with the raw bacon.


In Short, Can Cats Eat Raw Meat?

Generally, before feeding your cat a raw diet, do your homework and consult your veterinarian.  There’s no benefit to raw over cooked meats, and the risks are much higher. Feeding raw meat to your cat may lead to diseases such as nutritional deficiency, parasites, and bacteria.


Is It Possible For Cats To Eat Raw Meat As Part of a Commercially Accessible Raw Food Diet?

Raw food diets with raw meat that are commercially accessible are not the same. These foods are often made using flash-freezing or high-pressure pasteurization processing (HPP), both of which kill harmful bacteria in raw food. As mentioned in the article "4 Ridiculously Simple Diet Tips To Keep A Cat Healthy", purchasing cat food with a protein level of at least 25% is a good idea. It's a good sign of quality if it says "chicken meat," "salmon meat," or some other listed meat, and Daily Nosh Functional Creamy Cat Supplement Treats fulfil this condition!